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EI Member Offer: Beyond Corporate Employee – Excelerate Your Executive Evolution

EI Member Offer: Beyond Corporate Employee – Excelerate Your Executive Evolution

Immersive Masterclass – Beyond Corporate Employee

Save the date – 08:30 - March 7th 2019, Gotham Lausanne Flon, Rue du Port-Franc 22, 1003 Lausanne

Are you an executive who is considering growing the entrepreneurial spirit within your organisation, or indeed looking to be independent but have not yet made the time to plan? Or maybe you have already left your role, or are in the process of doing so. If any of these situations apply to you, or you are just intrigued to know more about life on the “other side”, then read on.

Learning from successes and failures

Join experienced practitioners to fast-track and personalise your knowledge and expertise for your entrepreneurial journey. This ½ day immersion masterclass is led by André Delafontaine, founder of excelerate partners after spending 17 years in multinational corporate environments, starting 3 other businesses and coaching hundreds of startups and transitioning executives - see introductory video below.

Personal project break-outs

This masterclass is designed to bring a small number of local executives together, along with their peers, for the delivery of focussed, knowledge skills and shared practical experiences. Designed for those considering their future career as independent consultant or in a start-up or nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit within your current or next employer.

Your journey throughout the day and beyond

  • Formalised interactive training and empowerment
  • Break-outs to personalise your journey based upon the material and tools with support from the speaker and experienced coaches
  • Sharing feedback as a group on key learnings, observations, commonalities and needs
  • Agreement on next steps, including interactive tools to ascertain what else you need
  • Elective regular group and individual “pulse” coaching sessions to heighten your chances of successfully transitioning into your new role. During group coaching, you can give and receive encouragement and share your experiences, self-commitments and progress once the meeting is over

What will you walk away with?

  • Practical and applicable day to day tools, knowledge, experience and mindset
  • A small, targeted network to align with and support on your own, personalised journey
  • Improved resources, awareness, focus, resilience and time management
  • Myth Busting - "learning from successes and failures", "dos and don’ts"
  • Understand what it is really like when your Business Card no longer is GM/VP/SVP/Director/CxO of Recognized Company ABC
  • Differentiate between being your Own Boss and being a One-(Wo)Man team

This event has limited availability and will be held at Gotham Lausanne Flon, Rue du Port-Franc 22, 1003 Lausanne

The workshop is delivered in English, is from 8:30 to 12:30 and will be followed by an informal brunch with the speaker and coaches until 13:30



Sign-up directly at excelerate partners website here: https://etickets.infomaniak.com/shop/ptIYn222QW/

The workshop price is CHF350, for current and valid EI members the price is CHF200 by using the following promo code: VK1HPDPV

NB! This workshop is open to all participants, EI members or not. Your membership's validity will be verified with Executive International before you can join the workshop at the discounted price.




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