Enhancing business networking in the Lac Léman region and beyond.



  1. Executives International is a non-profit association.
  2. The purpose of Executives International is to provide networking opportunities and to organise events of interest for its members.
  3. The language of communication of Executives International is English.
  4. The year of Executives International starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st.


  1. Membership to Executives International is open to professionals.
  2. To become a member of Executives International, one has to fill out an application form and, upon acceptance by the Committee, has to pay the membership fee.
  3. The Committee has the right to refuse, without stating the reason, the membership of an applicant.
  4. Membership is automatically renewed for twelve months at the end of the current Executives International year unless the member has given written notice of membership termination, three months before the end of the current Executives International year.
  5. The membership fee is due at the beginning of the new Executives International year, upon receipt of the membership fee payment coupon.
  6. Only after payment of the annual membership fee, may a member enjoy the benefits granted to members.
  7. The Committee has the right at any time to revoke membership to Executives International of any member. In this case the membership fee (proportionally) is to be reimburse.

The Committee

  1. Executives International is run by self-appointed Committee, serving on a voluntary basis.
  2. The Committe is composed of a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer and Committee members; the numbers to be decided by the Committee.
  3. The Committee determines the programme for the year and organises the events.
  4. The decisions of the Committee are made on the basis of the majority of votes of the Committee present at a Committee meeting.
  5. Appointment to the Committee is for an initial period of two years which can be renewed for consecutive 12 month periods.
  6. In case one or more Committee Members resign, the remaining Committee Members are to seek a replacement amongst the Members of Executives International.
  7. Members who are interested in becoming a Committee Member may contact the President of Executives International. In case of a vacancy on the Committee, the current Committee Members are to decide on the new Committee Member application.
  8. The various tasks, other than those already specifically attributed to Committee Members are, after general consultation, to be divided amongst the Committee Members.
  9. The Committee may seek outside assistance and pay outside consultants fees for work carried out on behalf of Executives International, as decided by the Committee. Executives International will have no employees and all payments made to any individual must be based on an invoice and then a payment can be made.

Financial matters

  1. The financial resources of Executives International are derived from the fees and dues paid by its members; from donations and subsidies accepted by the Committee; from the proceeds of events as organised throughout the year and from the income derived from advertisements placed in the Executives International Membership Directory.
  2. All money received by Executives International is deposited in an account in the name of Executives International with a reputable bank.
  3. The yearly membership fee is determined by the Committee, three months before the start of the new Executives International year.
  4. The event fees (business luncheons and forums) for members and non-members are to be determined by the Committee, two months before the start of the new Executives International year and shall be valid for the whole twelve month period.
  5. Entrance fees for special events to be determined by the Committee ad-hoc.
  6. Members of Executives International are not liable for any financial obligations of Executives International beyond the payment of their membership dues and event fees.
  7. The financial accounts of Executives International are maintained by the Treasurer who regularly informs the Committee of the financial position of Executives International. All invoices signed and paid by Executives International through the Treasurer.
  8. Only the President and the Treasurer have individual signing power on the accounts of Executives International.
  9. The Committee is to appoint an approved member or an external accounting firm to audit the financial accounts of Executives International on an annual basis. The report of this approved member or external accounting firm will be issued no later than two months after the end of each Executives International year. Upon request, the audited accounts will be made available to any member of Executives International.
  10. In case of dissolution of Executives International, any existing assets are to be devoted to an association with similar aims, or in such other manner as decided by the members.


  1. Each member is to receive a Membership Directory containing the names and addresses of all members. This Directory is to be regularly updated by Executives International.
  2. No part of the Membership Directory or any updated portion may be used for any commercial purposes other than those decided upon by the Committee.
  3. All other issues not described in the above Articles of Association are to be determined by the Committee.