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Executives International Member Promotions Policy

1. Executives International welcomes promotions to its membership. Specifically, this means that the product or service must be desirable and useful to members in the pursuit of their activity. The second requirement is that any financial aspect of the offer should be exceptionally attractive to members (as compared to standard client and non-member pricing).

2. If these two requirements are met and agreed to by Executives International, then the offer will be promoted to members and non-members as follows:

a. A write-up on the EI website

b. In the EI Newsletter if space allows (there will be one “featured” offer in the Newsletter with a link to the website section for all other offers). The Newsletter is published on the last Thursday of each month.

c. On EI social media platforms, including, but not necessarily limited to: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

3. Every offer is considered independent and must be limited in time and not exceed six months per offer. If the offer is for a specific date, it will be removed once the date has passed.

4. If accepted, the placement of the offer is free of charge.

However, there is a CHF 120.- set-up charge for each offer, payable once the offer has been accepted. The content and graphics of each offer must be provided by the entity making the offer.

In addition, the EI logo or anchor text with a link back to the EI website should be placed in a prominent position on the website of the entity making the offer. The logo or specific text and link details will be provided by EI.

5. EI is not responsible for the execution and quality of the product or service which is promoted.

6. EI reserves the right to change this policy at any time without prior notice. The policy will be posted in the Members Promotions section of the website.