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Discover Your Element and Business Talent

Discover Your Element and Business Talent

Discover your element and lead a life filled with passion, confidence and personal achievement. It may start with - “Here, in this place, I am in my element”.

You have heard this phrase before. Maybe you have used it yourself. What does it mean for our work and life?

When we are in our Element, we are most ourselves, most inspired and achieve our highest goals. Ken Robinson describes it in his book The Element as “The meeting point between natural aptitude and personal passion – I get it; I want it; I love it; Where is it”. What could these points mean for you?


Advice no 1: I get it – Develop your natural facility in an area
For some it is music, for others dancing, math, physic or poetry. Some have discovered their talent in early years like Mozart, who wrote music peaces at an age of seven. Others discovered their talent in later years like a good friend of mine who started publishing poetry in his fifties.


Advice no 2: I love it – Look for your passion in whatever you do
In my coaching sessions I meet people who are good in a number of topics, and they are torn in which way they should go professionally. The aim for them is to find their life calling. Being in your element needs passion. It means to take a deep delight in what we do. And this we have to discover, especially when we are at a professional or personal turning point.


Advice no 3: I want it – Demonstrate commitment and perseverance
In my book “Secrets of Entrepreneurship” I found that people who had the courage to become an entrepreneur shared a set of common attitudes: perseverance, self-control, optimism, ambition and the ability to overcome frustrations. The same applies to high achievers in other occupations.


Advice no 4: Where is it – Take up opportunities on your journey
Without the right opportunities you may never know what your aptitudes are and how far they might carry you. A lot depends on the opportunities we have and more important, the ones we have created. Realizing our element means of being connected to other people who share the same passions and who have a similar commitment. We need this surrounding to help us develop these aptitudes, passion and commitment. And as leader, coach or mentor we can help others to discover theirs.



For your personal reflection:
Question no 1: Who can help you to discover your personal or professional dream?
Question no 2: What are you doing with your passion?
Question no 3: How strong is your commitment for pursuing your passion?
Question no 4: What are your next steps of actions in a project on your agenda?



Ernst-BechinieDr. Ernst Bechinie, Master Certified Coach
Swiss, located in Lausanne.

Ernst coaches entrepreneurs, executives and professionals in challenges of leadership and professional transition since fifteen years. He acts as mentor and supervisor for coaches and consultants.

Before he was over 30 years an entrepreneur, executive and consultant building up consulting businesses in Germany and Switzerland. Amongst others he managed his own company focusing on consulting in strategy, organization and people development during 20 years in Frankfurt, before selling to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Prior to that he was a partner of the Hay Group in Germany.

Avenue de la Gare 10, 1003 Lausanne
+49 (0)176 216 03 640



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