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TechSpark Academy Digital Day 2019 – Free Discovery Workshops 07-08.09

TechSpark Academy Digital Day 2019 – Free Discovery Workshops 07-08.09

Join TechSpark Academy for free AI and Cybersecurity workshops (adults and teens) to celebrate Switzerland’s Digital Day 2019

Dates: Saturday September 7th and Sunday September 8th
Where: Collège Champittet, Pully
Cost: FREE

Sign-up to the workshop here: https://techsparkacademy.ch/digital-day-lausanne-2019/


  • Artificial Intelligence: 10:00-13:00 (Saturday) and 14:00-16:00 (Sunday)
  • Cybersecurity: 13:30-16:30 (Saturday)

AI Lab:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping our life and our livelihoods. It’s curating every screen, influencing decisions about loans, hiring, our vacations and more. AI and Machine learning: what are the basics of how it all works?

What is AI?
In this session we will focus Machine learning, the most common type of AI, made possible by mind blowing advances in computing power and unbelievable vast amounts of data.

What will we do?
We will review today’s technologies, demystify AI, explore their future impact, and look at how we are preparing the next generation. We will also share a practical example of Machine Learning, by demonstrating how a commonly used computer language, Python can be used to write an image recognition algorithm.

Cybersecurity Lab:

Join TechSpark Cybersecurity Lab and learn the basics of python programming and launch your first bruteforce attack on an encrypted ZIP archive.

What is bruteforce? 
Cracking the password of a file or zip archive by trying out all possible password combinations.

What will we do? 
We will start with the basic programming concepts of Python, then we will look into cryptography, finally we will prepare and run the bruteforce attack.

TechSpark Academy

In a world shaped by science, technology and innovation, we believe that early interaction with the latest technology is the best way to prepare your child for his or her future, irrespective of education or career path. Indeed, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 65% of kids today will be in jobs that have yet to be invented.

TechSpark Academy strives to spark curiosity and the learning process by introducing kids to industry-standard software and tools used to build apps, websites or games, robotics and much more...

Our mission is to empower your child with an understanding of our digital world and a desire to learn.


Limited places available, thus please register as soon as possible.

Sign-up for the workshop is mandatory, sign-up directly at TechSpark website here: Sign-up: https://techsparkacademy.ch/digital-day-lausanne-2019/


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